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We are committed to mobilise Africa to take its place as a leader in Genomics, by Africans, for Africans in the spirit of Ubuntu.


Antares Genomics has bridged the gap between Biotech and Academia to revolutionise health care.

We fund and support translational science by partnering with you to provide ethically sourced, genotypic, and phenotypic data, for innovative discoveries at your institution.

We are set to bring these healthcare discoveries to exactly where it is needed, from benchside to bedside.

What we offer

Wet lab capacity building.

Introduction of cost-effective wet lab pricing.

Creation and joint commercialisation of IP.

Education and skills development training in academia.

Funding options for local sequencing and research for students and academia.

Collaboration with other research institutions on the Continent.

Data sharing within the Continent, with data sovereignty intact.

Building local capacity for data storage and analysis.

Creating an equitable, ethical framework with value for patients in mind.

Improving the the healthcare ecosystem in Africa by realizing the value of Genomics on the African Continent.

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