Unbuntu Africa (DUA)

The African Laboratory and Genomics Research Partner


We have long experienced the painful reality of Africans sharing their Genomic data for research, without that research benefiting the people of Africa.

It is time for change. DUA is an African initiative moving with speed and agility to address the current unfairness experienced by African scientists, patients, and the people of Africa.

With the launch of the 108000 African Genomes Project we have created an African Continental research agenda.

We are breaking down the barriers of isolated research and high sequencing costs, while ensuring the sovereignty of genomic data.

We are embracing the advantages of collaboration and unity between African countries, to create an ecosystem of local research capacity building and data sharing, returning economic value and health security to the Continent.

Join us by registering your research interest below, and we will be in touch with you on a dynamic, affordable, and possibly funded approach to your research project.

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