Education is key to the implementation of personalised and effective care for patients through Pharmacogenetic testing.

It is only by understanding the fundamentals, that a clinician is able to curb adverse drug reactions and hospitalisations in patients who are taking the incorrect dose of medication or incorrect medication.

Through the expertise of Dr Jennifer Marquez we have developed a proprietary course needed to fill the gap in knowledge that exists for clinicians in their understanding of pharmacogenetic testing and its value for patients.

The Antares Genomics Academy helps a doctor to become an Antares Genomics accredited doctor who is equipped with the foundational knowledge and skills required to integrate Pharmacogenetic testing into their practice. They are able to decide when a Pgx test is needed and what to expect from the results.

Doctors now have an opportunity to join the Antares Genomics Academy and embark on a journey of proprietary Pharmacogenomics implementation techniques, leading access to optimal care for their patients, of the highest evidence and value supported by our team of experts.

The Antares Genomics Academy will future proof your practice with ongoing access to educational material to ensure evidence based testing that is applicable to the diverse African population.

We look forward to having YOU onboard.

Pharmacists are the most under utilized skill in the medical fraternity. Their contribution will be a gamechanger for the standard of care patients receive from Pharmacogenetic testing and implementation.

Apply now to become an Antares Genomics certified Pgx consultant and support the clinical uptake of Pgx testing. You will create an environment of outcomes based trust with patients and doctors who will come to rely on your expertise when returning results to patients from your humanly curated reporting.

We are here to help you become a sort after resource that can support Doctors when navigating the Pgx landscape by providing actionable results to them for their patients. You will also be guiding patients to take the correct medication at the correct dose reducing ADRs and hospitalizations.

Its time to step up and future proof your career as a pharmacist by adding more value to your patients though life changing Pharmacogenetic testing.

We look forward to having YOU onboard.

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